• Protects the surface water
  • Proven technology (3500+ existing installations)
  • Sustainable (organically degraded)
  • Patented system
  • No residual liquid - complete bioremediation

With the Phytobac, you can process pesticide residue flows in a responsible manner, without damaging the surface water or soil. Beutech Agro offers a ready-made, sustainable solution. Once installed at your business, operation of the system is fully automatic. A sustainable solution!




  • Phytobac® biobed

    A complete Phytobac biobed consists of a liquid-tight container with a roof frame, roof panels, inspection tube and pre-mounted drain-and-drip pipe.


    Drainage gully

    The drainage gully consists of a liquid-tight gully with a pre-mounted stainless-steel submersible pump and level floats. Through the gully, the drainage and/or feed water is pumped into the buffer tank.


    Phytobac® control unit

    The control unit provides automatic functioning of a Phytobac system: optimal degradation and evaporation conditions in the biomix. Including control and security of the pumps, reading of level switches and alarms. CE colour: meets EMC standards 2006/95/EC (EN 61000-6-1/3)


    Phytobac® buffer tank

    Our tank series is based on a simple and reliable design. The tank consists of an internal tank with a closed drip tray (external tank). The attached housing offers space for the control unit (module 3) and filter as well as other peripheral equipment (installation kit). The buffer tanks are delivered with a pre-mounted installation kit and control unit (module 3). The installation kit consists of the required pump, filter and valves.


    Sand trap

    The sand trap is placed between the drainage gully (module 1) and your filling/cleaning area. The trap is provided with a sand/dirt collection bucket, which is easy to empty.


    Two-way outlet

    With the two-way outlet, you can send run-off rainwater to a storage area, swale filter drain system or ditch and drainage water to the Phytobac. The two-way outlet is connected to your filling/cleaning area. The run-off direction is controlled with a lever. The feeder for the high-pressure sprayer is connected to the feeder for the outlet. The feeder is fitted with a timer switch.


    Washing area

    The impermeable composite flooring possesses special qualities fit for industrial and agricultural cleaning. The flooring's extreme chemical resistance is highly valued and above all, the flooring is very sturdy indeed. A marked professional facility that stands out because of it's large capacity, fitting for nearly every conceivable situation and condition. This mobile concept is based on our sustainable and liquid-tight composite flooring with many additional features thrown in for good measure. Very suitable as a filling & washing area for your sprayer in combination with a Phytobac system.



  • "Phytobac nice capstone in a responsible crop protection."

    Jan de Wilde
    Cropper from Sint Maartensdijk